The Powerpuff Girls!
Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins1
"Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup!"
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Location Townsville
First Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins
Last Crime 101
The Powerpuff Girls are a fictional trio of three super-powered five-year-old girls. Within the storyline, they were created using "sugar, spice, and everything nice," and an accidentally-added chemical X, which gave the girls superpowers and personalities corresponding to one of the above elements. The Powerpuff Girls lack noses, ears, fingers, and flat feet with toes, which most other characters on the show have.



Blossom (voiced by Cathy Cavadini) is "the smart one" and self-proclaimed leader of the Powerpuff Girls. Her personality is "everything nice," her signature color is pink, and she has long red hair with a huge red bow and hair clip in the back.


Bubbles (voiced by Tara Strong in the series and by Kath Soucie in the What-a-Cartoon! episodes) is "the cute one". Her personality is "sugar," her signature color is baby blue, and she has blond hair worn in pigtails.


Buttercup (Voiced by E.G. Daily) is the tomboy of the Powerpuff Girls. Her personality is "spice", her signature color is light green, and her hair is short and black in a flip.