Shake & Flick in: Raw Deal in Rome is an episode of the What a Cartoon Show!


Flick is a tiny, pink, deadpan galactic flea who can suddenly expand to monster size and voraciously nip anyone he desires to eat. Shake is a famous (but less-than-virtuosic) canine lute player who elaborately descends to the stage to please his adoring fans; but Flick instantly shows him up with some mad drumming and electric guitar playing. From there, it's a game of one-upmanship, with the flea forever triumphing... the worst that Shake gets of it is when he's mowed down a dozen or so time with a motorcycle (with Flick dangling in midair, both hands on the throttle). The flea finally eats the dog, but the dog escapes through the iris-out, the flea in hopping pursuit.

Production Credits Edit

  • Written and Created by - Michael Rann, Eugene Mattos, George Johnson
  • Art Director - Butch Hartman
  • Background Stylist - Tim Maloney
  • Directed by - Eugene Mattos
  • Executive Producer - Buzz Potamkin
  • Supervising Producer - Larry Huber
  • Line Producer - Bob Onorato
  • Creative Consultant - Michael Rann
  • Animation Director - Robert Alvarez
  • Unit Production Supervisor - Sylvia Edwards
  • Unit Production Coordinator - Nicole Pouliot
  • Unit Production Assistant - Donna Castricone
  • Storyboard Artist - Barry Bunce
  • Layout Artists - Mark Bachand, Tony Craig, David Fulip, Lee McCulla
  • Model Designers - Mark Bachand, Eric Clark, Herbert Hazelton
  • Design Assistants - Barbara Krueger, Dana Jo Granger
  • Background Layout Designers - Scott Wood, Steve Swaja
  • Music Score by - Bill Fulton
  • Main/End Title Theme By - Gary Lionelli
  • Director of Music Production - Bodie Chandler
  • Background Supervisor - Al Gmuer
  • Background Stylist - Tim Maloney
  • Background Artists - Bonnie Callahan, John Guerin
  • Xerography - Star Wirth, Martin Crossley, Richard Wilson
  • Ink and Paint Supervisor - Alison Leopold
  • Color Stylist - Casey Clayton
  • Final Checker - Nelda Ridley
  • Ink and Paint Artists - Lori Hanson, Meling Pabian, Joanne Plein
  • Graphics - Iraj Paran
  • Camera Operator - Dan Larsen
  • Executive In Charge of Post-Production - John Forrest Niss
  • Animation Checking - Beth Goodwin
  • Track Readers - Jim Hearn, Kerry Iverson
  • Supervising Film Editor - Tom Gleason
  • Post-Production Supervisor - Gayle Mnookin
  • Post-Production Coordinator - Gail D. Silvers
  • Sound Serviced Provided by - Advantage Audio
  • Sound Editor - Robert Duran
  • Re-Recording Mixers - Bill Koepnick, Jim Hodson
  • Negative Consultant - William DeBoer, Jr.
  • Video Services Provided by - Modern Videofilm
  • On-line Editor - Cliff Armstrong
  • Production Manager - Debby Hindman
  • International Production Supervisor - Brooke Williams
  • Production Assistants - Sandra Benenati, Duke Heberlein, Linda Moore
  • Production Liaison - Heather Kenyon
  • Executive in Charge of Production - Joe Mazzuca
  • Development Executive - Dan Smith
  • Production Company - Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc.
  • Produced in Association with - Fil-Cartoons, Inc., Philippines, Mr. Big Cartoons, Australia
  • Production Executive at Fil-Cartoons - Bill Dennis